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Momento Events is an event planning agency that focuses on marketing and communicational development.

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Corporate event planner

In a world where communication and advertizing is part of our everyday life, planning an event is a unique opportunity to attract and build customer loyalty as well as provide a competitive edge to your brand.

Each event is a special moment made to focus on developing professional relations and partnership opportunities. By displaying your brand with innovative communication strategies, you will stand out and get higher recognition from your customers, employees and partners.

Our passion: your events!

Our Events

Christmas Party Winter Wonderland
A Winter Wonderland themed Christmas party for the employees and management of Sandoz Canada.
  • Event Services
  • Event Staffing

Holiday Gala 2016 - Black & Gold Masked Ball
A Holiday Gala Black & Gold Masked Ball.
  • Event Services
  • Event Staffing

Performance Summit October 2016
First edition of the Performance Summit conceived and created by Proaction International and organized by Momento Events.
  • Event Services
  • Event Staffing

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Momento events

Corporate event planning company that aims on the organization’s communicational and marketing development towards their customers, partners and employees.

We work with you as a partner to reach your goals in terms of promotional events while keeping in mind your budget expectations.


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