Event coordinator: an essential role for a memorable night.

In a world were communication is key, event planning requires an even more specialized expertise then before. Companies often rely upon specialized event planning agencies to manage conventions, hold a congress, a gala, a workshop, or a professional tradeshow. The role of an event coordinator is to conceptualize and realize every operation and communication needed by the client, for a successful event with the best conditions at work.

Conceiving an event

The Coordinator establishes the goals to reach during the organisation of a particular event. He conceptualizes a tailored project according to the client’s wants and needs. For example, creating an event for the employees of the organisation can increase the level of cohesion in your team and reinforce the sense of belonging towards the company though activities. If it’s regarding a product launch, the coordinator will insure to find a unique way to make you special and noticeable for the optimal promotion of your business.

The coordinator is there to advise you for the animations, the atmosphere, the location, and every question you might have in accordance to the type of crowd present.

Budget the cost of the event

The coordinator manages the event’s organisation from the beginning to the end. You benefit from his expertise concerning the different types of professions involved for a successful event. He has a perfect understanding of the steps to forecast for everything to go according to plan.  He’ll make sure you get a quotation and will manage the event according to the budget in place.

Manage the logistics

The coordination will establish the planning of the steps to take. He’ll choose the suppliers, the location, the atmosphere, the theme and the transport in accordance to the goals put in place by the client. The caterers, cameraman, technicians, hotel reservations, press conferences are element among many that behoves to the coordinator. He’s responsible for the conformity of the service that has been chosen for the client.


Not only does the coordinator manage all technical and practical aspects but he also takes charge off all the elements of communication surrounding an event. He redacts the publicities, the invitations, the programs as well as the statements made on social media. He HAS to have a great understanding of your business, your values, your goals and the client’s needs.

Making an event memorable and unique

A coordinator must stand out by offering original projects to offer the best concept to his client. Each event requires creativity to establish a select moment that’s going to leave a mark in the participants mind.

Answer the unexpected

The smoothness of the event is on the coordinator’s shoulder.  Adaptability and the ability to react quickly are essential qualities to manage hazards that may occur (late delivery, replacing a performer, weather changes, etc.).

Calling upon a specialized event planning agency is a real opportunity to create unforgettable memories. The event coordinator will know to adapt according to the target audience and the budget. He’ll be able to suggest a turnkey or tailored activity at a location that will highlight your business. Everywhere at once, the coordinator will be the central link between all parties implied, meaning you won’t have to manage any logistics expect for approving proposals.

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