1950s corporate Christmas party

Client: Private

Date: January 19, 2019

A 1950s corporate Christmas party for employees and management of an international company based in Montreal.

We welcomed the 250 or so employees and management of an international company based in Montreal (the client asked to stay private) for their 1950s corporate Christmas party in the beautiful venue of the Windsor Ballrooms on Peel in downtown Montreal on January 19, 2019

It was in the magnificent and elegant architectural rooms of the Windsor that we organized and decorated the event for our group under the 1950s. The guests were welcomed into the Peacock Alley by our team of hostesses and thematic 1950s characters – another signature theme of Momento Events high in demand since its creation.

After their registration and receiving their welcome gifts; the guests were lead to take their official photos in the thematic photo booth and were then directed to the Peacock Alley room decorated with a French Renaissance style for the welcome cocktail, with DJ, appetizers and cocktails.

A transfer to the Salon Windsor for the second part of the evening: with its majestic Victorian-style, with six-meter ceilings decorated with gilding crystal chandeliers and rich architectural details, the guests quietly settled at their tables for the start the 4 course dinner.

Dinner time was animated by the word of the President, the official photos of the evening projected on the giant screens, our animator and DJ also animated the drawing of gifts during the dinner. In addition, we spiced up the meal with several performances such as a magnificent choreography by Geneviève Gagné created especially for the evening of our client and interpreted by several employees of the company, then we had the performance of two swing dancers, artists recently on the program Revolution and to finish the dinner with the illuminated performance of Marianne Trenka a Hola Hoop artist.

The dessert was served in the Peakcock Alley as the Band Elektrik began their performance and got everyone on their feet. We then gave way to our DJ Yannick to continue the festivities and the guests danced until the wee hours of the morning.

A late lunch was also served late in the evening.

We are very proud of yet another event perfectly orchestrated and organized by the Momento Events.

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