Christmas Party Winter Wonderland

Client: Sandoz Canada

Date: December 17th, 2016

We welcomed the 500 or so employees and management of Sandoz Canada at the Renaissance Convention Center in Montreal on December 17th, 2016 for their Christmas Party.

It is in the festive atmosphere already very present at the Renaissance Center that we decorated the space for our group under the Winter Wonderland theme. The guests were welcomed by our team of hostesses and thematic Winter Wonderland personas – a signature theme of Momento Events in high demand since its creation.

The guests were welcomed by our personas and directed towards the mezzanine for the official photos taken at our themed photo booth. The guests were then directed to the welcome reception, where they were served with appetizers and cocktails.

Room transfer for the second part of the evening: the guests quietly settled down at their tables to start the 4 course meal.

The dinner opened with a word by the President, the official photos of the evening projected on the giant screens, our master of ceremony and DJ also hosted the games and the prize draw during the dinner.

We had a surprise for our guest! Keeping a secret act from a client is not always easy, but our client had complete trust in us. So it is after the dessert portion of the night that our guest Saxophonist displayed his talent with our DJ and put the guests in the dancing mood before the Band Off The Wall took the stage.

The guests invaded the dance floor as soon as the Saxophonist performed and they blazed it up with the band’s performance and our DJ. A successful evening at all levels which ended in the wee hours of the morning.

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