Kronos Canada’s factory tour to celebrate their 60th anniversary

It’s in a festive atmosphere that Kronos’s employee welcomed their friends and family to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Kronos Canada and the 100th anniversary of Kronos international.

Located in Varennes, Kronos Canada, producers of the highly dangerous substance that is Titanum Dioxyde, took advantage of their anniversary to open their door to outsiders for the first time since they opened in 1957.

Momento Events’s hostesses welcomed our guest and directed them for the hour long guided factory tour that was appreciated by all. The participants were impressed by the magnitude of Kronos’s installations and the highly effective security measures (SST training, fire truck, train control, etc). After the visit, guests were showed a video of the company’s historic 60 years in a museum especially created for the occasion. Kids appreciated the bouncy castles and inflatable games installed outside for hours upon hours of fun, with Ice cream and coton candy at everyone’s disposal. A makeup artist was there to transform the kids into pure artwork. There was a huge BBQ, where everyone could eat and enjoy the DJ.

An amazing day to celebrate signed Momento’s Events.

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