Staff Momento for Domaine Labranche

Client: Domaine Labranche

Date: Year 2016

A great adventure began in early 2016 for Momento Events and Team Staff Momento. We were taken by the Domaine Labranche and its team and the feeling was mutual! Therefore we started a tour of representations of the wide range of products by the Domaine Labranche in numerous events across Quebec.

Do you know the Domaine Labranche?

YES? Well! We say ‘CHEERS’!!! Did you try their 2 new products? The Fortified Fire and Fortified Maple?

NO? Then it is time to enjoy one of their products!!! We urge you to try their maple products! Unique and delicious!

The Domaine Labranche, which includes a sugar bush, a cider and a vineyard; develops alcoholic beverages from the fertile lands of Saint-Isidore. This results in distinct products highlighting the uniqueness of Quebec lands. Innovative products and high quality!

The Domaine Labranche is a cozy sugar shack but also an apple shack! A unique concept in Montérégie! A gourmet menu 100% local, 100% gourmand where the fruits and vegetable crops and local products are in the spotlight!

Here is the list of products you can buy at the SAQ, on their website, in several locations across Quebec or…. Visit us at one of the events where the Team STAFF MOMENTO of Momento Events will be present to help you discover the wide range of products from the Domaine Labranche.

  • Maple wine
  • Maple Sparkling wine
  • Maple Liquor
  • Fire Cider
  • Ice Cider
  • Sparkling Cider
  • Red wine
  • White wine
  • Fortified Fire
  • Fortified Maple

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  • Event Staffing



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