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Momento Events has developed collaborations with exceptional partners in order to offer you creative and unique team building activities that propel your teams to new heights while sharing moments of high emotion. These activities allow your employees to evacuate their stress through imagination and escape, but they also promote motivation, cohesion, team spirit and adherence to company values.

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3 added values

Turnkey and customized activities

We offer tunkey activities and we customize these workshops in order to make your teambuilding event a success regardless of the number of participants.

Creativity serves the group

Culture, creativity and art make it possible in a team building workshop to discover unexplored facets of individuals through the use of non-verbal forms of expressions.

Special Partners

The partners we work with allow us to offer you unique, emotionally charged activities that will be remembered by all your employees.

Added Resources

Positive Outcomes :

  • Healthy and pleasant work environment
  • Personal development of team members
  • Increased motivation
  • Stronger involvement
  • Improved stress management
  • Greater ownership of the project / company
  • Allows the members of the team to discover their colleagues in a different context and to appreciate certain competencied and personality traits, which they would not have seen in the everyday life of the project
  • Promotes communication
  • Build a stronger team
  • Increase self-efficacy and contribute to that of others
  • Strengthen team ties
  • Improve collective decision-making
  • Commitment to the corporate culture.

Momento VIP Packages

VIP Experience :

Exclusive corporate gift ideas in the form of high-end outing packages or travel packages for your employees. These packages are tailored to your needs and budget. Our VIP packages and event services are available throughout Quebec. Experience unforgettable moments of a few hours or even a few days in the metropolis, the regions or in the national parks.


Our Events

1950s corporate Christmas party
A 1950s corporate Christmas party for employees and management of an international company based in Montreal.
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Party de noël corporatif thématique 1950
Un party des fêtes sous la thématique 1950 pour les employés et la direction d’une compagnie internationale basée à Montréal
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Performance Summit October 2018 - Third edition
Third edition of the Performance Summit conceived and created by Proaction International and organized by the Momento Events.
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