Public events organization with local products discovery

Discovery tables - Local Products Casino for all styles of events; Share in a friendly atmosphere a moment of pleasure by making olfactory and tasteful discoveries while refining your general knowledge in a playful and delicious way.
Combine the pleasure of tasting, the attraction of the game, the satisfaction of learning and the thrill of the challenge while having a great time!
Based on the principle of a true Casino, participants bet on game tables, while testing their knowledge of wines, recognizing essential aromas, discovering the subtleties of chocolate or the cultural richness of our local cheeses.

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3 added values

Turnkey activity for all types of event

This activity is particular in the sense that it’s a turnkey concept that can fit any type of event : weddings, BBQ, private parties, product launches; tradeshows; business committees; opening nights; fundraisers; Christmas tree lighting parties; birthdays; motivation/incentive events; seminars; receptions, bachelor/bachelorette parties and of course your casino evenings.

Discover Products from Quebec, local products!

Momento takes pride in finding and helping local products make their way on the market; Quebec local markets have a lot to offer and we wish to promote the products that have impressed us by their quality and variety.

Discovery Tables – Local Products allow us to put these products in the foreground and to give our customers and their guests a chance to discover Quebec.

Team Building Activity

This blind tasting activity allows all participants to discover themselves, reinforce their group cohesion, strengthen their team spirit and promote operational synergy within the organization while having fun!

According to scientists; Taste and smell are more evocative of memories than other sensory systems; such as sight, hearing and touch. Participants play against a dealer, allowing participants to freely share among themselves during the activity.

Added resources

11 tables to serve your senses

  • Discovery Tables on wines
  • Discovery Tables on chocolates
  • Discovery Tables on ciders
  • Discovery Tables on cheeses
  • Discovery Tables on odors
  • Discovery Tables on delicatessen
  • Discovery Tables on teas
  • Discovery Tables on Quebec microbrewery beers
  • Discovery Tables on spices
  • Discovery Tables on jellies
  • Discovery Tables on on honey based alcoholic beverages
  • Discovery Tables on Sparkling wine

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Black and Gold Masquerade Holiday party
An evening of celebrations under the Black and gold Masquerade theme for the employees and management of an international company based in Montreal.
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Performance Summit October 2017
Second edition of the Performance Summit conceived and created by Proaction International and organized by Momento Events.
  • Event Services
  • Event Staffing
Proaction: Sommet Performance le rappel
First edition of the Sommet Performance le rappel: conceived and created by Proaction International and organized by Momento Events.
  • Event Services
  • Event Staffing
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