Super Hero Day

We welcomed the 500 or so employees and management of Sandoz Canada at the Domaine Choquette in Varennes on June 17 2017.

It’s in the festive and family friendly atmosphere that we welcomed our guests and their family in a Superheroes themed evening.  The guests were welcomed by our team of hostesses and thematic Superheroes personas – a Sandozien superhero was especially created for the occasion.

The guests were welcomed by our Superheroes and directed towards our themed photobooth. They were then directed towards the games, like volleyball and a scavenger hunt that were hosted by our staff for memorable hours of fun the young and old alike.

Our Master of ceremony and DJ created a great atmosphere with upbeat music and animation. He then gave the spotlight to the president and his team for a light hearted speech before lunch.  All enjoyed a copious meal as well as a frozen treat.

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