Company Seminar: tricks and ideas for your activities

In order to unite your team, to increase its motivation at work and to reinforce the feeling of belonging, the seminar’s activities’ efficiency has nothing to prove anymore, but you have to be able to bring novelty to the table. So that you activities are, this year once again, rich in emotion for your employees, while enriching them professionally, here are our advices and ideas:

Choose a trendy activity

Because your colleagues will probably tell their friends about the last seminar they had, you have to make it original, so that they don’t think you tried to minimise its meaning and wanted to make it quick. For a successful work seminar, opt for an original activity but also something trendy that will please your colleagues. Today’s trends are related to role-playing that allows breaking hierarchic barriers and enabling a different type of communication. Be careful with role-plays that are too aggressive, they tend to make people uncomfortable.

Activities linked to nature and the environment have a great success rate right now. Indeed, people want to reconnect with nature and with activities like initiation to urban gardening or discovering local products.

Find an activity that develops professional skills.

Finding an activity that also develops professional skills is a challenge in itself. But it will create a big impact on your colleagues while permitting a personal development. Because nowadays in a professional environment, many employees complain about the stress that their having a hard time to manage, this sensible subject can be exploited during the seminar. Learning to manage stress can turn into a professional skill.  Don’t hesitate to choose an original activity that will reinforce your employee’s stress resistance, in order for them to feel better at work.  Ideas for self-development where everyone can laugh and burn their negative energy, can be a survival training in a cold environment,  a fire survival training ou even a  digital treasure hunt.


Make subcontractors participate.

If you have an established business where employees have been working together for a while now and you’re afraid that your activities will be repetitive, you can hire someone for the outside. Obviously, we are not telling you to hire just about anybody, but to invite someone from your field of expertise or even an artist or a professional athlete. It’s a great way to break the routine from the previous seminars and to create a surprise effect.

In all cases, make sure to organise an activity that tightens the emotional bond between colleagues while their having an outstanding time, in good spirits, relaxation and communication. Because it’s not always easy to find innovative ideas that enables you to discover your colleagues and to embody them exactly like you want; allow yourself to hire professional corporate event planners that can offer you vast list of unique and personalised list of activities.

Most of all, these professional event planners will be able to take charge of the organisation and development of the seminar. This gives you time to appreciate the event with your colleagues and to get the most out of it.

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