Planning a Casino themed evening? How and why?

Casino night. It’s always pleasant and fun. No matter if it’s for a charity event, a fundraising or an office party. Whether if it’s for beginners or devotee, they will like it and ask for more. Only fun and laughter in perspective.

Momento events prepared for you a small list of advice to follow for your next event to be a complete success.

Why you should organise a casino night:

  1. To have fun! It’s certainly not mandatory to be a regular casino player or to even know the games. (Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Wheel of fortune, etc. ) to organise a casino night. Our team of dealers are always ready to explain the rules of the game. It’s also worth noting that there’s no real money involved: this aspect simplifies the evening and removes hang up in regards to gambling.
  2. For a charity event: With a licence purchased beforehand at the RAJQ, the guest can participate and buy in as much as they want and take part in half and half draws. The objective is to have fun and the raise the maximum amount for the cause. If you have a few products and service sponsors, there’s nothing better than to create partnerships to give out theirs prizes to the winners. Who doesn’t like to leave from an event with a gift or a surprise that you’ve won?
  3. For your office party: One or many tables. Everything depends of the space available and the amount of employees that will show up to your event and the desired atmosphere that you’d like to create. A complete evening dedicated to Casino games or simply as a little plus for your office party.  When they arrive, the guest receives a fake $1000 coupon tradable at any table with the dealers against playing chips. The objective is simple: either grow your amount or do an All-IN without pressure!

Whatever is the reason you’re planning a casino night, you can always call an event planning specialist (here) that will guide you through the planning and your event’s success and that will take a part of or the totality of the logistics and planning of your party.

Now that the “why” is determined, here are a few tips on “how”:

  1. Location: Whether it’s at home, in a privation room, in a restaurant or even in your office: either a big or small space: make sure to have a minimum 10×10’ (100p2) per table. This will leave enough space for the table, the dealer and the players, without people getting to close. The traffic will end up being a lot smoother.
  2. Thematic: it creates an atmosphere. Furthermore, if it’s announced before the event; the guest will be able to look the part and dress accordingly. They will end up being part of the thematic and your evening will only be better. Of course, there’s the classic: James Bond 007, Monte Carlo, Black&White, You can be original and go with Moulin rouge, Chic Gold, Burlesque, 1920’s, Gatsby, etc. With a bit of imagination you can create something unique. So go, be creative!
  3. What type of games: you don’t know if everyone knows the game’s rules. Therefor you should start with Black Jack or Hold’em poker at first. Because the guests are playing against the dealer, there’s less pressure. The dealer also has more time to explain the rules throughout the game. Think about printing a summary of the rules or the different possible hand and distribute them on the table. The beginner will be able to take a look and validate their cards. You can even add one or two roulette This game demands a bit more knowledge and an experienced dealer. However, it’s always a success. At this table, entertainment is ever lasting and there’s always a winner. Roulette brings an electrifying atmosphere. To add something a little bit different to the evening, we’re suggesting a wheel of fortune. Adapted to the company or the thematic, it’s always a success. Each guest will want to try at least once to spin the wheel. Just for fun!
  4. Discovery tables – local products signed Momento events. This piece of the evening will help you surprise everyone. It’s a similar principle than Black Jack; guests taste and smell local products, chocolate, essential oils, cheese, beer, cider, wine, pâté, etc. The traditional cards are traded by cards branded with the different smells or tastes.  The goal is to bet on what you tasted and to win the pot. The discovery tables – local products call for all of your senses. It’s fun and gastronomic. Pleasure guarantied.(click here for more info)
  5. Millionaires table: it’s the activity that wraps beautifully the evening. Fifteen (15) minutes before the end of the evening or before they are prompted to go eat supper, the dealers count the guest’s chips. The 8 participants that end up with the most chips are invited to the millionaires table. 5 or 6 hands. A game lasting approximately 10 minutes. 1 winner or more. This finally can be done at any table but we suggest Blackjack. This game is faster therefor the players can increase their gain rapidly.
  6. The dealers: a really important aspect of a successful casino night! Whether it’s a volunteer for your event or he’s coming from an agency, it’s the dealer that makes all the difference. He’ll explain the rules to the player that don’t know them; he helps everyone concentrate on their pleasure and their bet. He’ll create entertainment. He’s actually part of the thematic! He’s your guest’s direct contact and he ensures that each player has fun at his table.
  7. The material: At your house you can absolutely use the tables, chairs and playing card available. For a bigger event: a tall table for 6-8 players, 6 full packs of cards, a dealing shoe and a Blackjack Mixer. A low oval table, 8 chairs and a brand new plastified deck of cards is necessary for a successful poker game.
  8. Time length: it’s often complicated to determine the length of time you want to award to the casino games. Of course, if your entire evening is completely dedicated to casino games then it’s easy. It starts when doors open and finishes when doors close. On the other hand, if it’s an extra in your event: we suggest a 3 to 4 hour block. This leaves enough time for you guest to enjoy the activities. Of course you can adapt the time fram to your event.

Let’s not forget: Even if it’s a charity event, you have to possess a valid licence from “la Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec”. (RACJ) Fees are minimal and it guarantees you peace of mind.

Planning a great evening demands time and energy. If you want to take advantage of your evening as much as your guest then we suggest you do business with an event planning agency (here) for a complete service. It means you don’t have to find the dealer, set up the tables, take care of the material and see to every logistics aspect of the evening. All that’s left to do is to enjoy your evening and to mention that… it was your idea!

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